Aten Altitude, real-time information system for ski areas. 100% web solution with modules to combine according to your needs !

The Company

Created in 2003, Imagina International Company takes on a dual role of editor and integrator of the 2.0 integrated Aten ERP solution which offers a global functional coverage extended to all enterprises.


The Solution

Made by Imagina International’s company, Aten Altitude is an integrated management system for ski areas, specialized in ski lifts’ exploitation and maintenance. It’s formed of various modules you can combine according to your needs.



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Our Aten softwares

Several solutions that respond to different businesses...

Aten ERP

ERP integrated management software dedicated to all businesses entreprises

Aten Altitude

Management software dedicated to the ski areas explotation and maintenance

Aten Amusement

Software dedicated to amusement park management