The Company

Imagina International

Created in 2003, Imagina International Company takes on a dual role of editor and integrator of the 2.0 integrated Aten ERP solution which offers a global functional coverage extended to all enterprises. This dual expertise allows a perfect expertise of management solutions. By having a single contact point, Aten ERP simplifies the implementation of various customers projects and allows a perfect success.

The company builds its growth on proximity, commitment and confidence strong values. Its success is the result of a harmonious mix between its customers and team members aspirations.

Imagina International occurs to companies with strong growth which wants to use an information system accompanying them with efficiency. Thanks to the performance of the engineers team of development, functional consultants, support engineers and instructors, Imagina International supports a lot of ambitious projects.

The company diversifies itself successfully since 2012 further to the implementation of it management solution software Aten Altitude, dedicated to the mountain business. Approved by the STRMTG, the solution received in 2014 the Montagne Innovante trophy from the Cluster Montagne.

Our Aten softwares

Aten ERP

ERP integrated management software dedicated to all businesses entreprises

Aten Altitude

Management software dedicated to the ski areas explotation and maintenance

Aten Amusement

Software dedicated to amusement park management