The Solution

Made by Imagina International’s company, Aten Altitude is an integrated management system for ski areas, specialized in ski lifts’ exploitation and maintenance. Designed to facilitate the management of ski area’s daily tasks, it’s formed of various modules you can combine according to your needs.
Developed in collaboration with the STRMTG (French technical department of ski lifts and transports guided), this software ensures the efficiency of your various procedures in compliance with the regulations. Aten Altitude’s solution is consistent with CAIRNS and allows the production of the traceability documents required by SGS.
Beyond the standards laid down by the business, Aten Altitude is a practical and mobile tool which will facilitate your daily’s controls. Usable on the three platforms (smartphones, computers and tablets), this software allows you to update your entire information directly on the ground. It will offers you more time and traceability and it’ll enables you to strengthen your performance.



Permanent access and supervision anywhere of all your informations.

Ideal schedule of your regulatory inspection, maintenance, interventions and subcontracting.

Fairly real-time driving of your purchases and stocks.

Optimize your equipment availability.

Optimize your equipment traceability.

Improve your return on investment.