Aten Altitude is an offer composed of various modules adapted to the mountains jobs. Modern and intuitive, this solution simply adapts to your information system and extend your infrastructures maintenance and exploitation success. It will be delivered turnkey, after analysis, configuration and resumption of your existing data. To insure you an optimal use, Imagina International also offers you 7 days a week help desk and support phone during the season.


The Aten Altitude solution is :

A turnkey cloud package

A price adapted to the context according to your power moment

The opportunity to consult in real-time your datas and dashboard

Why Aten Altitude ?


An easy to use solution

- An intuitive navigation through an area mapping
- Time saving thanks to a simple management of your plans, technical document and pictures
- Agile solution with a very low carrying cost
- Right information explotation in any place independently of the media used (computer, tablet, smartphone)
- Saas mode or acquisition solution
- Options choice according to your needs : HR, Finance, ...

Integrated tools and configurators 

- Areas and sectors configurator tools
- Devices characteristics resumption from a line resumption tool
- Configuration tool and line rapid generation from the models (TSD, TSF, TSCD...)
- Existing data migration tool from the maintenance software
- Personal migration tool and right profiles associated
- Usuals and regulatory controls

Very quick return on investment

- Legal and financial risks controls
- Every business process simplification and improvement
- Improved efficiency with the global integration (no more imput, correct information in good time)
- Real-time driving of the entire activity enabling an adapted and immediate decision
- One "click" reporting of the ground datas
- Rationalization of the movements and environmental impact decrease (predictive maintenance, desmaterialized explotation...)